In 2018, Xuelei established the first domestic museum themed on the “art of fragrance”, and was awarded the registration certificate for museum works and design drawings issued by the Guangdong Provincial Copyright Bureau. The museum aims to display the art of fragrance from a professional perspective, spread fragrance culture, and adheres to Xuelei's original intention and vision. Now it has become a popular photo spot for perfume lovers at home and abroad.

In order to cultivate talents in the industry and meet the development needs of enterprises, it also provides a professional exchange platform for domestic and foreign fragrance practitioners, opens a window for fragrance lovers to understand fragrance culture in an all-round way, and displays and spreads fragrance to the public. Charm, Xue Lei joins hands with a number of international perfume masters to regularly open master fragrance tasting classes, explore the world of smell and fragrance techniques with the majority of fragrance lovers and practitioners, and taste the masterpieces of the masters.

Master Perfumer Fragrance Tasting Class Review:

  • Anne Flipo

  • Calice Becker

  • Florent di Marino

  • Honorine Blanc&Nathalie Lorson

  • Yann Vasnier

  • Olivier Cresp

  • Emilie Coppermann

  • Philippe Paparella-Paris

  • Daniel Li

  • Alexandra Carlin

In September 2020, we opened the vivinevo Perfumery, the first domestic perfume art museum in Beijing. This perfumery won the Andrew Martin Annual Design Award, which is regarded as the "Oscar" of the international interior design industry. It was also selected into the top 100 new consumer goods list during the Beijing Design Week, and thus became a popular photo spot for Beijing's new Internet celebrities.